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Dangal Ek Toofan 2016 Hindi Dubbed

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The movie story deals with a dancer from a traditional family came forth to dance in the Shiva temple for many days and nights Her dedication to Lord Shiva and the village earn her the respect of the god and Goddess Parvati They bless the village with rains ending the drought The dancer s dying wish is that a girl from her family must dance on pournami every 12 years in front of the brings us to present day – another 12th year when the dance will take place Pournami the elder daughter of the family goes missing Rumours of her eloping are rampant among the villagers much to her father s chagrin Pournami s younger sister Chandrakala never learnt the dance as her father refused to teach her Chandrakala s stepmother rules the house with an iron fist She rents out an extra room of their house to EARN SOME MONEY which is taken by Siva Kesava a Western-style dance instructor

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