Vix Youtube Player – HTML 5 Responsive Free Download Codecanyon

The Vix Youtube Player is designed to be dynamically responsive adjusting and adapting to each screen size and is compatible with mobile devices.It works with a large customization model based on dynamic templates. Customize colors, icons, texts. Use multiple channels, playlists and videos. Multiple combinations of layouts to streamline your pages. Based on the latest version of the YouTube API (v3), with support for callbacks and API control methods and more.

– Responsive
– User Youtube Lastest API (v3)
– Auto Play
– Multiples Sources: Channels, Playlists, Videos
– Real Time Template Mode
– Callbacks
– API Methods
– Sharing Options
– Multiple combinations of layouts: 4 combinations to video player orientation and 2 combinations video controls orientation.
– IE10+, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and More
– Compatible with mobile devices


– 19-08-2016 – Added support to reverse time counter and the display of the video description in reproduction or gallery.

– 18-11-2015 – Corrected the problems on the play button for mobile; fixed the problem of rendering time bar in relation to the control buttons; corrected the problems in calculating the width of the time bar.

– 20-10-2015 – Fixed problem of positioning of sharing links, correct the problem to click the “play” button when the autohide the gallery is active.

– 10-07-2015 – Full screen and auto hide bug fixes.

– 10-05-2015 – Improved documentation.